Hair today, gone tomorrow...

Hair today, gone tomorrow
Hair today, gone tomorrow

Well, I thought I'd start at the top – literally - and talk about something that is a game changer in getting your overall look right, every time…hair... Before I talk to anyone about their look I always ask, “so tell me about your hair”…So let me ask you now to think about this for a minute: how would you describe your hair...?

Since I live in the perma-sunny Emirates, and as we creep towards the northern hemisphere summer, I thought you would find it helpful if I gave you my two-cents worth on the dreaded phenomenon of humid hair...the bane of every day out in the sunshine and of every summer holiday... So, here are some tips that will help soothe those strands and associated style nerves during the summer months…They are good general house rules for your hair “hair” goes:

1) When drying your hair with a towel; squeeze don't rub. 2) Invest in a good brush…I love my GHD paddle brush.  Investment in a top-shelf hair brush really does make a difference. 3) Spend time making sure the underside of your hair is thoroughly dried/straightened (depending on your look).  Finish with a cool blast of the hairdryer. 4) I recommend using a dry styling product such as Techni.ART by Loreal. 5) If you can, allow at least half an hour to let your hair settle before you hit the humidity.  Try doing your hair first, before your make-up. 6) If you have an event I recommend washing and styling your hair just before bed the night before, then tie it loosely on top of your head for bed.  The next morning your hair will have volume (from being on top of your head) and give you more time the next day for beautifying. 7) ….And if all that fails, always have a few grips and a hair tie at the ready (if you can find one, that is)!

And now for those ladies that simply don't have time to brush their teeth never mind hair...I've used Batiste, dry shampoo for years (especially when my son was a co-operative and non-time-demanding 2-3 year old).  I’ve recently discovered a 'posh no wash' product by Shu Uemura (art of hair colour lustre dry cleaner)…it is SO nice and definitely worth the £22.00 (about US$32)…It really is very good.  It lasts well and actually feels like you've washed your hair…it is not sticky or dry; just clean and fresh.

Finally, I will leave you with this piece of advice..."the solution to a bad hair day is to wear a low cut blouse".  

Piper x