7 Cases of bad packing...

On Friday Matt and I are taking a short hop across the Arabian Sea to southern Sri Lanka…As well as looking forward to a few days of unwinding I need to start the less glamorous but equally important task of packing...


And like many things, the importance of this lesson here can best be illustrated best by a little true story…Last December we went on our Christmas holidays to London, Wales, Paris and back in to London.  Since we were away for a while, it was winter, in three locations and because of Emirates’ generous  baggage allowance, we, well, I, thought it would be a good idea to take 7 suitcases with us…yes, 7. Picture this: 22 December – heaving airports, bulging 7 hour flight, two missed approaches to land in London, a diversion to Manchester, take off, fly back to Heathrow, and finally 11 hours later we managed to land at Heathrow.   Upon arrival we wearily make our way off the aircraft, traipse through miles and miles of airport corridors; we’ve been awake for 24 hours, we approach the baggage carousel, which, because of the late arrival of our flight the friendly Heathrow baggage handlers have emptied for us, removing all of the cases and scattering them close by as they have left the building…we pick up our cases and with relief collapse into the car to be driven to our hotel…We arrive at our fave London hotel - the Hoxton - an hour or so later only to find that we have 7 cases, 2 of which do not belong to us, and that two of ours we no longer have... Let's just say, after a few too many phones calls and a trip back to Heathrow with suitcases that didn't belong to us we managed to resolve this without too much drama...


Major lesson learned and a total rethink on packing I’m taking those lessons to Sri Lanka, 4 days of sunshine and total relaxation... I'm thinking how many cases can I get away with before Matt actually questions my luggage... It's time to 'pack like a boss' whatever that means...

I hope you find these 10 little pointers that I have acquired over the years helpful...

1) Check the weather wherever you are going ahead of time, and plan your outfits accordingly

2) I always start packing a week before I go – packing in a rush, especially when you don’t have to – is a recipe for disaster

3) Use a packing list.  I have made my own but there are loads on line for all sorts of scenarios

4) Don't pack to your baggage allowance weight/number of cases.  Just take what you actually need (been there – done that – got the t-shirt (well, had someone else’s t-shirt actually)

5) Always treat yourself to the latest fragrance at the airport…it’s a great way to kill waiting time at the airport and that way your perfumes are not at risk of spillage in your luggage and you get a new fragrance: win - win! (I'm loving Soleil Blanc by Tom Ford 'it exudes the endless pursuit of sun and luxury', so it's perfect for a sunshine escape)...

Tom Ford Soliel Blanc
Tom Ford Soliel Blanc

6) Take shoes that you can wear with more than one outfit.  Wedges are good day-to-night footwear but can be quite bulky so you could always wear them for travelling…or just pack them in your man’s case

7) If it looks like you will be over your baggage allowance, buy your toiletries at the airport after check-in

8) I always take a neutral coloured pashmina with me.  Planes can be cold, it's a great cover-up or sometimes it may be a cultural necessity wherever you are heading

9) Check what facilities/ products are available at the hotel where you are going.  Depending on where you stay you probably don’t need to take 500ml of shampoo, conditioner, your hairdryer and straightener, each of which you will only use a couple of times as they may have them at the hotel. You can buy beauty products almost everywhere these days, so you can always purchase some there too

10) Always sort your handbag before you go.  Empty out that accumulated collection of sweet wrappers, receipts, pens, and whatever else you've stashed in there…I know this means that you won’t be able to review your paper records of all those previous Tesco purchases and make notes about them (using your collection of pens) in the way that I am sure you do ;-) …Once de-junked, you can make room for your make-up bag (all under 100 ml, of course) sunglasses, IPad, hand sanitizer etc...

That's all for now, I should go and start packing...

She Packs
She Packs

Oh, and did I mention we are going to Sri Lanka on Friday... ;-)

Piper x