It's a nice day for a white wedding (B. Idol)

May is almost upon us and with it, summer.  Long days, holidays, Wimbledon, Pimms, strawberries and cream…and summer weddings.  And those weddings raise the obvious question of: what shall I wear?  What can I wear?

When you pose those questions you can't help but consider that unwritten rule of: no white to a wedding.  But is that still true?  Do people really think that if you're a guest wearing white seated on a table with some random twice removed cousin, exiled at the back of the room, you would realistically be mistaken for the bride?  Really?  I mean, come on.  Unless you are also wearing a veil, holding a bunch of flowers and have an important speaking part is anyone really going to mistake you for the bride?  There is also the small matter that the bride is more than likely personally known by all (or at least the vast majority of) the guests which will probably mean that a case of mistaken identity is not on the cards.

Believe me, and I can speak from experience, what the guests are wearing on your big day is not top of the worry list.  Remembering your vows, praying your best man does not forget the rings, and hoping that your drunken aunt doesn’t do her version of Tina Turner’s Simply The Best in front of your new family all feature higher up the list than “I wonder if one of my guests will wear white”.  So I am not a believer in that rule.

I love white.  White is Immac.  White is elegant, timeless, light, crisp and perfect for the summer.  For all of those reasons it is ideal for a summer wedding, and not only for the woman up the front with the lead role.  Matt and I are going to a friend’s wedding in Marrakesh next month and I am going to wear white.  At this stage I’m pulling together ideas of what I’ll wear and I thought I’d share a few of the looks that I have in mind.

My current thinking is that I am going to put a few things together to achieve a simple look.  This will be my first visit to Marrakesh.  I imagine it to be exotic, sensual and mysterious but also elegant and chic.  I want my look to correspond to the place.  So I have in mind something like the below.  No boobs on show, ensuring that it is appropriate for the culture; but still sexy with a floaty A-line skirt.  A-line is in this summer.  I'll go for soft wavy hair with a natural make-up look: that is to say, spend an hour applying loads of makeup only to try and look natural...the irony.  And hopefully, if Matt's reading this, a gorgeous YSL clutch or something similar. YSL feels totally appropriate for Marrakesh, with the man himself having had a home there.  Well considered sunglasses will be a must to deal with the midday Marrakesh sun.  Round style specs will do the trick to finish the look.

What do you think?  Push the boat out and break a rule - time to go white.  Don't worry, it'll be all white on the night.


Piper x