Why is blush better than Botox?

So, is it?   Is blush really a match for medical science?  Well, that's an exaggeration.  But being no stranger to the benefits of Botox and fillers I am qualified to comment on the less painful (both physically and on the bank balance) qualities that blush has in store for you. So what does blush do?  The whole point is for your blush to give you the classic "healthy glow".  Now, I'm certainly no make-up artist, but blush has to be absolutely one of the easiest products to use to achieve this most important glow.  You just need the right product and to smile, then apply on the apple of the cheek (love that turn of phrase: apple of the cheek), and make sure it is properly blended in. Women, including my grandmother, having done this for generations.  My instruction is certainly a far cry from a 30 minute YouTube tutorial on how to create the perfect winged eyeliner, but I can promise that keeping it simple here really works.

Blush is one of the oldest beauty products known by the older generation as rouge.  If you are tired or for whatever reason your skin looks a bit, well, pallid, a good blush will perk up your cheeks and your countenance look will glow - without the need to resort to the plastic.

So, blush or Botox?

Think blush; think high and defined cheek bones.  Applied right it yields a girly glow and a healthy complexion.  So it's not quite the frozen forehead that a blast of Botox will provide, but blusher has to be one of your handbag must-haves.  It can be applied with minimal fuss in the car (not advice, not an endorsement, and not while moving), at your desk, even in the lift.  Also, it's not going to melt in your bag (you can tell I live in the desert).  A cream blush is versatile as it can also be used as a lip colour for those moments when you didn't realise you'd end up having drinks after work.


My wedding make-up trials have begun and I've had 4 different blusher products in the past 3 weeks.  I've been asking various make-up artists that I've recently encountered on the stands from Mac to Chanel questions about their thoughts on blusher and comparing the answers. So here are some of the tips that have been consistently made across the make-up counters of Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

  • Blush is the difference between looking healthy, or not.
  • Right now stick with blush and let bronzer take a back seat this season as the paler dewy look Is on trend.
  • Change your blush with your skin not the seasons.
  • Matching your blush to your lippy depends totally on the colour you're working with and the look you are going for.

So here are some of my absolute favourite blushes for you to try.

  • Chanel - Les Beiges - Healthy Glow Multi-Colour:  http://www.chanel.com/en_US/fragrance-beauty/makeup-les-beiges-les-beiges-140730/sku/140732
  • Gucci - Soft Peach Sheer Blushing Powder - https://www.gucci.com/us/en/pr/beauty/face/blushing-powder/soft-peach-sheer-blushing-powder-p-3692179PBL15703?position=2&listName=ProductGridComponent&categoryPath=Beauty/Face/Blushing-Powder
  • Dior - Diorblush - http://www.dior.com/beauty/en_int/fragrance-beauty/makeup/face/blush/pr-blush-y0715255-vibrant-color-powder-blush.html
  • Inglot - Fusion System Fusion Blush & Illuminator (that is a mouthful) - https://www.inglotusa.com/freedom-system-fusion-blush-and-illuminator-637

These are all great products at different price points.  I've tried and use all four.  Each of them will see you right to illuminate and lift your visage, whatever the circumstance.

So my answer to my original question?  Well, what do you think.  My vote goes to blush as a more economical and less radical way of giving your skin a healthy lift without the need for us all to rush off for a dose of Botox (although Botox is very, very good).

Keep in touch for a chance to win the Chanel.... As seen above.

I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Piper x