Immac to school 

That day is looming: the first day back to school. Here in Abu Dhabi that day is this coming Sunday August 28 (yes, the school and working week in this region is generally Sunday to Thursday). In preparation today has been the 'uniform' day.  To make life easier we have a uniform shop actually located within the school that sells everything from Clark's school shoes to name tags making it kind of a like a one-stop-school uniform-shop.  Today we hit that shop hard. Cole has grown so much over the summer that the possibility of re-cycling even a pair of school socks from last term is completely out of the question. So it was a full kit out today, including blazer, sun hat, tank top, matching swimming trunks and swimming cap and so on. I don't remember uniform shopping being quite the event it now is when I was eight.  For a start there was no uniform and certainly no blazer.  And, well, as for a sun hat, that was not really necessary growing up in sunny Wales.

So after depositing enough money to buy a small used car in this uniform hypermarket, we now have everything, she says.

And the irony of the fact that Cole will spend what will seem like half the year dressing up in a variety of costumes will not be lost on parents around the world.  Last year alone saw us toiling away to procure costumes for Roman day, scientist day, a Star Wars character and the Mad Hatter to name but a few.  And that was in addition to non-uniform day, international Day, National Day, book day, PE kit and House Kit for sporadic team events. Term 2 will no doubt require additional purchases to replace items that no longer fit but more than likely to replace the items 'lost'.  Last year we got through 8 water bottles, 4-5 Sun hats, and 2 sets of PE kit. The joys of boys!

Year 4 here we come... Doesn't he look smart!


Love Piper x