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So, how do you look your best on the school run?  Is it even possible? School's back this week in our part of the world.   As they say, to fail to plan is to plan to fail.  And we planned well so day one went very smoothly.  Dramas were absent; last minute nerves were not on the roll-call.

And so, sitting there in my car in the school carpark, five minutes after having dropped Cole off this morning, polishing my halo, I sat momentarily thinking: that all went swimmingly well.  And as I  gazed out the car window admiring my precision planning, that startled and sinking feeling was immediately upon me as I thought: when exactly is swimming?  Have we purchased the correct gear?  The cap?  The towel?  Thankfully today on day one, yes I had.  But cruel reality is such that it certainly does not always proceed like clockwork.


You know exactly what I mean.  Those days when the alarm goes off and you snooze.  Seems like a good idea at the time.  Schoolgirl error.  You wake up five minutes before departure time to have to instantly fly out of bed in a state of panic; scoop your child out of his bed and rush out the door disheveled and wholly unprepared.  And there you are, stumbling out the door with enough bags and backpacks for a gap year in Oz.  In no time you are in the family car which you could, if necessary, live out of for about 2 weeks for the amount of food and other supplies which keep reappearing no matter how many times you clean the car out.

Mercifully you get there.  Just in time, if the lights are in your favor and if you don't run out of petrol. Maybe not on the first day, but we all have our days like this don't we?

So while you sit there with a glass of something to help you relax after navigating the perils of the first day of the school year, here are some pointers of how you can look your best. 5 products and 3 minutes, that's all you need.

But first an anecdote.  A good friend of mine once described me as a swan.  Her summation was that I look like I am floating on the water; all elegant and poised.  In fact, underneath, she said, I was kicking my legs frantically to keep afloat.  I have always liked that comparison and so here's how to look like the swan at the school gate.  Like you've been getting ready in a leisurely fashion for over half an hour and managed to leave the tranquility of your home early, still managing to look immac.


I love the Dior concealer. Its lipstick style makes it easy to apply and it takes no time at all. (30 seconds)

Brow filler

As I've said before I love the Giorgio Armani Eye & Brow Maestro, but again an easy applicator such as the Tom Ford Brow Sculptor or Charlotte Tilbury Brow Lift are both perfect for a quick fix. (45 seconds)


A blush stick is always a good alternative to the original blush and brush combo as it's instant application.  From stick to cheek and fits in the handbag nicely. (30 seconds)


A quick brush of your fave mascara is perfect to open up those tired eyes.  I'm loving Mac Extended Play Gigablack Lash at the moment.  It's got a small brush head which will brush up even the smallest of lashes. (45 seconds)


Last but by no means least, a quick splash of color on those lovely lips will make the world of difference to your look. (20 seconds)

20 seconds left to brush your hair and put it in a quick bun.


Top tip: if you have time for nothing else always make time for some lipstick/ gloss. It instantly says, I care about my look. And it's a quick win.  You can even do it in the car (not advice or a recommendation).

Check out my video for my 3 minute immac school run mum on Instagram @PIPERRYAN.


Love Piper x

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