A case of the pre-wedding must do's

So today is the day we leave for Italy to get MARRIED!  And just as you would expect it has been a very hectic week. Those of you that have celebrated your big day will know this is a pretty stressful time.  There is an awful lot to do. So here's some info on the immac-ing I've been indulging in, and enduring, this past week. 

The week started with a semi-permanent color on my hair.  I managed to stave off hair colouring until last year at the ripe old age of 35, at which point the grey hairs were threatening to get the better of me.  So I responded by getting the better of them  - I started to get them covered.   And as I've said before good hairdressers here in the Emirates are like gold dust, so I always go to Toni & Guy.  When closing out the hair deal for your big day make sure you book way in advance to avoid last minute hair mares!

Next up was the wax.  Predictably all I will say on that one is ouch!  As I came off the pain ledge I followed up with a full set of gel nails, deluxe pedicure, eye brow tint.  Oh and one last blow out at my fave blow bar.

I didn't stop there though.  Then there was the final check at the dentist followed by daily teeth whitening strips.  I love the Crest Whitening Strips.  They aren't available here in the Emirates but one of my clients gave me a box she had ordered off Amazon. They are pretty stress free and I can start to see the effects after just a couple of days.

And of course I've been going hardcore at the gym.  Five plus sessions a week; and eating really clean for the past, well, forever really. I also managed to get under the 60 kilo mark, just, so all my hard work has paid off!


Topping up my tan at our pool was next; which to be fair is not that much of an achievement here in the Emirates with our year round sun.  I was however careful all the while to not to get any dreaded strap marks and giving the life guards plenty to talk about in the meantime.

Obviously there had to be some family immac-ing.  Matt and Cole both had hair cuts at Toni & Guy.  I have to make sure my boys are looking as dapper as possible for the big-day.  And the contrast in approach wasn't lost on me.  I have spent a week being subjected to all manner of rubbing, scrubbing and waxing and that's just the beginning  The boys had a hair cut.  Who said it isn't still a man's world.

Then just for good measure I also had the out side of our apartment cleaned.  That chore was less to do with the wedding and more to do with the fact that Matt's parents are arrived today. Wish me luck!


Keep following for exclusive wedding updates and pictures.


Love Piper x

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