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The day finally arrived. I feel as though I've spent a lot of 2016 waiting for and counting down to huge life events; most of them our weddings. However, my anticipation around this particular event as been off the scale.  I guess that's because I'm quite a pro at the old wedding malarkey having done 3 this year, and a total novice at this whole bikini modeling to say the least. The other events have been exciting and emotional. But if I were to choose one word to sum up this whole bikini model fitness it would have to be: extreme. Extreme in so many senses of the word.  Extreme diet. 90 odd nights of steak and steamed vegetables for dinner.  90 odd days of grilled chicken for lunch.  90 days of powders and 90 days of intense workouts to the point of exhaustion.  I've passed on so many celebration and relaxation moments; here and around the world, all to ensure my discipline is maintained. And all for 20 minutes. 

But, mercifully, I've got to say it was all worth it. The event was massive.  Bigger than I could've imagined. World champion fitness professionals, competitors, both men and women, and around 10,000 of Joe and Joanne public.

Each of the women who competed yesterday put in a truly massive effort for months and they should all be applauded for that.  This is probably my one and only foray into this intense and extreme niche.  And I'm disappointed that I didn't place in my category but this experience has taught me that anything is possible. Don't let things stand in the way of your dreams. Set yourself goals and go for them. Live your life to the full and believe in you! 

I would like to thank my husband Matt. Without him beside me I never would have been able to have done this. He's carried me to bed when I haven't been able to walk because I've trained so hard. Massaged my aching body. Driven me to training sessions in Dubai. Cooked all of my meals, and most of all encouraged me and believed in me.  

I also want to thank my coach Lisa.  She was there every step of the way, training and motivating me.  All while preparing for the competition herself.  I thought I'd share the criteria from the IFBB and UMFF rules and regs as I don't want you guys to see the pics and think I'd entered a body building comp. This is so you know swhat I was working towards for the past 3 months. 

Overall body lines, balance and proportions, body tone and healthy appearance are taken into consideration, high intensity weight training and hard lean muscles are not necessary. The emphasis is on well-shaped, fit, healthy and attractive appearance similar to that of models...


Piper x 

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