Baby Moon


In true millennial fashion we recently went on our baby moon. We decided to stay in the UAE as it is such an amazing place and the weather this time of year is just perfect. So, we thought why chase the sunshine around the globe when we can just take a short drive to Dubai and enjoy the bright lights, beaches, shopping malls and everything else that Dubai has to offer. All without the hassle of airports, flights and bumpy airport transfers. 


We stayed at the Armani Hotel that’s in the Burj Khalifa.  We’ve stayed there before and absolutely love it it’s a real treat. We checked in on Thursday afternoon and went straight for lunch at Armani Deli.  Sitting on the terrace over-looking the Dubai fountains; the weather was perfect as was my be-spoke chicken salad that only a pregnant woman could get away with ordering. Matt enjoyed a ravioli special and a glass of crisp rose.  We instantly felt as though we were on holiday - It was the perfect start to our baby moon.   Over the next two days we sampled most of the restaurants and would highly recommend any one of them.  We lounged at the chic poolside area and caught some gentle February rays.  Before we knew it was time to leave the Armani bubble and get back to reality feeling refreshed, relaxed and ready for months of sleepless nights… not! 

Dubai in February certainly is a perfect holiday / staycation destination whatever your  celebrating or not, there really is something for everyone. 

Kris ReesComment