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Immaclife is all about making women, and men feel good about themselves.  That means giving them the body they dream of, the healthy lifestyle they crave and the nutritional information they need to become better, stronger and healthier. Immaclife helps women from all walks of life become more confident.  Not only body confident through training and nutrition but also through coaching, motivation, styling and makeovers. Immaclife wants to immac all those ladies who are feeling a little over it all; breathe life back into them and make them fabulous again!

As part of the immaclife concept I offer lifestyle coaching tailored to suit the individual. The coaching is available on-line and in person (for UAE residents).

Packages are designed to meet the needs of the individual. Here are some of the services available: 


Nutritional Plan

Immaclife provides on-line nutritional advice through tailored eating plans.  These plans will not only help you loose weight but will encourage you to make long-term lifestyle changes. The bespoke plans are designed with your lifestyle and goals in mind. As part of the programme you will also receive on-line motivation and progress check-ins every step of the way. 

Personal training and lifestyle coaching services

Do you want the personalised service that you get from a one-to-one trainer but cant commit the time?  Why not sign up to Immaclife’s on-line training programme which is designed to be used in conjunction with the nutritional plan. In-person personal training sessions are available for UAE residents designed with you, with your body goals, fitness and health in mind. 

Styling Advice

Not sure what to wear to that special occasion? Need help with what suits your shape and stage in life? Want to be on-trend or just need to re-vamp your work wardrobe? Immaclife offers on-line style tips and advice on what to buy, where and how to wear it. Personal shopping services are also available for UAE residents taking the hassle out of shopping and combing the latest looks with classic style to suit your personality, age and body type. 


Make-overs and more

Immaclife offers a full immac body transformation; whether that’s a 12 or an 8 week nutritional plan combined with personal training services for that special day. Or maybe you are looking for a quick hair and make-up makeover for that ladies night or special brunch that you've been looking forward to.   

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